What was the Cold war

What was the Cold War? Was it cold there or were there no tensions? Here you will find simple and clear explanatory videos about what exactly happened with the Cold War and the Berlin Wall. Who “fought” against whom and why? What was communism and what was its relationship with capitalism? What are the characteristics of communism? How did the Soviet Union influence the Eastern Block countries? Were there moments of tension when this cold war almost became a real war? When did the Cold War end and how do we look back on this time?

The videos are made by an experienced history teacher who teaches in secondary education. In a clear and straightforward manner, he answers the questions above. He also has his students watch these videos. Students find these videos useful when they need to study for a test or when they want to recall how something was.

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Do you want a bit more depth? Then go to the playlist for the fourth grade about the world after 1945. Want a slightly higher level? Then go to the third grade h/v.

On this site you will find the videos with explanations based on chapter 5: “The Cold War” from the book MeMo class 3kgt (4th edition). Hopefully, your teacher will never again have to ask what the Cold War was.