Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Netherlands

The Netherlands, today a small country in Western Europe, has a very rich history. On this page, you will find five facts you didn’t know about the Netherlands.

Number 5:

Abroad, the Netherlands is often called Holland. This is because from the 16th to the 18th century, the Netherlands was a republic of several provincial states, and the most important province was Holland. The Grand Pensionary of the province was seen as the foreign minister of the entire Republic. Because of this, many countries in the world thought that the Republic (of the Netherlands) was the same as Holland. This name stuck.

Number 4:

Today, the Netherlands is still a monarchy, or kingdom, but this has not always been the case. The Netherlands was actually the first republic of post-medieval Europe! Quite progressive!

Number 3:

Do you know the famous theme tune of the Eurovision Song Contest? This tune is actually the Hymn of Nijmegen and was played at the Peace of Nijmegen (1678) when the war between the Republic, England, France, and parts of Germany ended and a peace treaty was established. This tune is a true connection for European countries.

Number 2:

The gas bubble under Dutch Groningen is one of the largest gas bubbles in the world. The Netherlands no longer drills for gas there, but it still has one of the world’s greatest treasures under its territory.

Number 1:

King Willem-Alexander is from the House of Orange-Nassau. Many people think he is a direct descendant of William of Orange, the father of the nation. This is not true. The current Oranges descend from a side branch, as Stadtholder William III of the Republic died childless.